Full Version: Socket Error #11002
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Everytime I try to run battleping, a few seconds after I get this error message.

ss5capv2 cmd engine

Can't connect internet to active license,
ErrMsg=Socket Error # 11002

plase check your IE can connect to internet and retry again.

I currently have exitlag and have no problems using it. Was hoping to switch over to BP.

Thank you

Sorry you are having problems. This error is being investigated still and can't give an exact timeframe for a fix but we are aware of it.

Look forward to have you onboard when this gets fixed.

It should be fixed now..please check
(06-01-2020, 11:59 AM)wewin Wrote: [ -> ]It should be fixed now..please check

Sorry but in still getting the same error. It says game detection couldnt work. The tab for browser isnt there, Im not surr why.
Thanks..relooking into it.
Since there are several threads for this subject please refer to where we will post updates