(11-16-2016, 11:22 PM)Tech Wrote: The latency has returned to what it was previously which is a little lower than the other SG servers for Wow.
But its the same situation with the link to Australia, it may not stay that latency at all times and can revert to the latency of the other Singapore servers.

You might be able to check if another service like Battleping can provide you with the same latency permanently.

yes a big ty to u and to yr company for providin such a service. why r u tryin to drive away customers like me. obviously i've tried a few services similar to battleping and i've settled on battleping becos of the gd service and support that you provide. i dun expect 24/7 100% same latency but do your utmost best to maintain the level of service, performance in the servers that you're providing to us end users. i do understand tat at times probs 1% that thre would be cases that the link gets rerouted via another country but pls do keep me posted and strive to bring it back to normal. pls keep it up and keep sg 6 up and optimal latencies to aus and us. ty i luv u.

gonna resub again

oh btw is thre a way to set the forum time stamp time for posts to my localized time in singapore? i can't seem to find the option... even gmt8 doesn't do it. i hope you can allow to set my forum timezone to singapore, malaysia time zone cos i can't find anywhre that allows me to set so in user control panel. its 5am which is wrong when it should be 1.20pm now.

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