AION BP problem!
Like a couple of days before the AION keep crashing when you log with BattlePing!!

Its not only the texas servers its global! no matter if you log from west , east, or europe you still getting dc after 5 mins tops ingame!

Can you please check what causing this???
Thank you for your time
Continious problems since saturday. All servers europe, french netherland england etc. Can't get connected for more than 5 minutes at a time. Yes i have membership status so it aint the trial thing. Kinda frustrating :/ Hope you guys are able to help Sad
Are you playing Aion NA or Aion Gameforge.
What country are you connecting from?
I keep dc'ing too from aion.

Playing aion NA

On server Texas 2

PLease Solve I need my dose of PvP ! Smile
saturday was unplayable,sunday afternoon worked like never happen
now just started again..i'm getting d/c as soon as i login ,i switched connection I changed servs. nothing works
I'm using west/texas servs. 4 ,i'm a member btw
So,can we get a fix or at least some info about whats going on,much appreciated!
When you get DC what happens does it go back to log-in screen or game just close on you?
yup,game closes .
same thing happend saturday,i saw few posts complaining about same issue
NA aion here btw ,I forgot to mention
I tried dif.Texas servs,nothing changed
I ran out of options
Im uploading a different Test app for you guys to try. Will be ready soon.
(09-05-2012, 03:53 AM)Tech Wrote: When you get DC what happens does it go back to log-in screen or game just close on you?

When you DC in Aion it always shuts down the game, no going back to log in screen in this game Sad

i play AION NA

i am from greece!
when the game crashes it just stops running! i can move in the terrain but the skills are frozen the countdown is stoped and after that you get dc! when you relog sometimes you are just where you dced and sometimes you are like 3 secs rolled back! i tried texas 2 witch i usuallly play and then all the other options bp gives me but still nothing!

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