v1.3.2.2 Game Detected Testing
We have released v1.3.2.2 for testing and would like to hear your results.
This release is aimed at fixing the issue some users have had with the "Game Detected" Display.


If this version fixes your issue with Game Detected, please let us know. (Game and OS (XP,Vista,7,8)

If you are still having an issue please explain it, and also include:
A: Your Game
B: OS (XP,Vista,7,8)
C: Do you see Game Detected the first time using Battleping after you restart your computer? (and does it stop working after this)

General Info:
Remember to click Game Connection: Before you open your Game.
Game Detected may not be displayed in some Games until you are in a battle or on your in-game character.
Remember that we only support Official Game Servers.

Yes we increased the Loading screen time in this version.

Troubleshooting, tests:
If "Game Detected" stops working after you close and re-open Battleping quickly.
Does it start to work again if you wait 30 seconds before Re-Opening Battleping?

If "Game Detected" has never been displayed: Could you try opening Battleping once while your Firewall is Temporarily disabled, to check if it has been blocked.
About 3 hours after posting the Download link we found a programming error we made.
We have now fixed this and Uploaded a new: v1.3.2.2
If you downloaded during this time you may receive a pop-up error right after you click login.
Download this again and re-install will fix the issue.
Seems that its working as it should for now, if i will see anything not working ill post here
had trouble installing the new version but i pressed the ignore button and seems like it installed by itself.

i m playing league of legends on windows 7 32bit prem and on the first game.
It shows game detected without using the backup driver which i think is a good sign. I m playing the first game and its working i think because its ping is lower than usual.

i ll post again when i play the second.
Some possible reasons for install issue:
1. Game you Launched while using Battleping was still open.
2. Game detected from old version was stuck.

Doing a reinstall after you restart your computer, (Before you open Battleping) should allow the install to be trouble free. I would suggest doing this so all files are replaced with the new version.

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panagiwths, If you could explain in more detail that would be good.
Ok i have install v. when connect everything is ok.So when open client (Aion EU) still "Game Detect" not apper and on "select server" from Aion i saw "Game Detect".Have try all servers connection 1/2.NO firewall nothing prevents BP contact._same "things" with previous version_sorry about m english_thx

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Hi, That means it is working for you.
It will only Show Game Detected when you are connected in the Game.
New version working great with Lineage II Lindvior update..5 times in a row i got the "Game Detected" message..Good job and thanks!

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