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Glad it is sorted!

Why am I obliged to use paypal for a payment since France ??????
Usually I always use my credit card .....

When you select to buy time in Battleping and are taken to PayPal - there should be two options offered by PayPal to either

1. Login to your Paypal account or
2. Select to pay with credit card
hello i am from the philippines and ive tried ur services. i am seriously considering subscribing. can u advise me of the latest payment method with ur clients from my country? i have no credit card and paypal but there is a western union here. i also did some research and found out u have clients from my country able to purchase your product through mozcom payeasy? please hit me back the soonest thanks

I am not familiar with the mozcom payeasy option.

Our two resellers who maybe able to help you are

(Select Philippines in drop down)

(Select Philippines in drop down)
thank you for the fast reply. if you guys have a live chat where someone can walk me through the whole process it will be much appreciated. this is my first time subscribing to something international and i dont want to make stupid mistakes. i play guildwars 2 and by using battleping my latency issues where addressed.

We don't have live chat.

I am assuming you have tried the trial and it worked for you.

Each time you open Battleping you will see two buttons to select - Trial or Member. If you wish to pay for the service select Member and then click the Create New Account link.

This will take you to our registration page.

After login then you will be taken to your member page where you can then buy time by making payment through.

1. PayPal facility (either PayPal account or Credit Card). Time will be added to your account automatically, usually within a few minutes.

2. Or go to one of our resellers to buy a time key. You then add it to the time key field in your members area.

You will then be designated as a premium member and able to play without disconnects.
thank you very much for the fast reply. me and my girlfriend love to play guild wars 2 now we are both subscribing members! cheers. hoping for a better result now than before.
how many time does it take to receive a key?
08/16/2015 Paypal Verification
There is no Key when purchasing time via Paypal link in the members area.
The time is added to your account automatically.

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