Official Ping Results Thread
i am from Maldives! i used to get around 360ms on world of warcraft but now its 120 or sometimes even less! and on Heroes of the Storm is even lower 64ms!

Thanks alot
From : Malaysia
Game : Diablo 3
Ping before BP: 400-800
Ping after BP: 240 - 280

* Thx BP*
can you please update panzar connections.. i have no change in my ping
Can you please update your panzar connections please my ping is not moveing staying the same i am a member so can you please tell if you sapport this game or not so i can find someone that can please .. Smile
Or at least let me know how to set it up right for servers to put in should i put france server in? or usa server as pass through please let me know.. please Smile
Hi is the program showing "game detected"?
Location: Colombia (South America)

Ping without Battleping:
Elder Scrolls Online : 160+
Guild Wars 2: 145+

Ping with Battleping:
Elder Scrolls Online: 120+
Guild Wars 2: 115+
is battleping dead? please fix texas 2 and texas 5, they are so lag nowadays so unstable

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