oceanic wow spikes
hi there.
i was just playing as normal using malaysia 2, 140ms+. at around 12pm it spikes up to unplayable latency. turned off battleping, i am getting 220ms+.

tried several BP server (MY 1 & 2, all SG servers), still having 300ms+ with BP. 220ms without BP.

does BP servers currently has problem?
Hi yes the ping's are higher tonight due to a routing issue. This is not a problem on your end.
same issue, Thailand using singapore2 and Singapore 5 is spiking up to 2K latency in game.
It looks like there is an issue with the Submarine cable we use that runs from Singapore to Perth Australia.

So currently you will be routed via Hong Kong, Japan, or Los Angeles to reach Sydney.

No ETA yet, they are investigating the problem.
no wonder i got higher latency than usual

edited: to Tech, can we get an announcement when the routing are back to normal? currently im getting a lower latency if im not using any tunneling

thank you
please do update us once the routing issue has been solved.
Hi yes we will update when we know more.
Same here. please update
We expect it to be back to normal within the next 48 hours.
Same issue here connecting to Diablo 3 AUS/NZ server. Usually having 170+ ping using malaysia/singapore server, but now 300-500ms. Please let us know when this is fixed.

edit: I am also getting better latency by not using battleping, getting 230-250ms without it. Hope you guys can sort it out asap. Smile thanks. great service thus far.

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