cannont connect to BnS NA
I tried to connect to Blade and Soul NA with battleping (texas server and other servers too). it wont let me pin in to login and then says server is under maintenance. BUT im able to login the game without battleping. did BnS bannaed BP or?
I also asked my friend who also uses Battleping to try login to BnS Na. same thing is happening to him as well
Which BP server are you having the issue with, I assume it may be related to a specific server issue.
Texas 3 isnt working and I always been using texas 3
it seems like texas 1 is working, but still rather high ping
Texas 3 is not working for us either with Blade and Soul. We are not sure why yet as the server is working fine with other Games.
yeah its really weird.other texas server seems to be working fine
but texas 3 has the lowest ping for me
I have the same problem using west coast. Is there a fix?
West Coast should be working fine, is it only a specific server?
yeah its just Texas 3 not working..
it doesnt work for BnS and AION AT ALL.
Im not sure if Texas 3 works for other games because I dont have other games on my PC

Texas 3 has the lowest ping for me.. normall 200~230 ingame
now when i use other texas server, I get 270~300.
and for BnS.. ping is very dependant.
as a competitive gamer. I really want the lowest ping for me

is there anything you guys doing to fix this?
I understand, we have not been able to resolve this yet but we hope to.
any information on the isue?

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