cannont connect to BnS NA
I hope to have an answer for you this week.
same here, cant use tx3 for BnS!
still cannot connect with Texas 3
and ping is getting worse..
Texas 1 250ms
Texas 5 240ms
Playing BnS from Auckland, New Zealand
Texas 3 used to have 190~210ms
Hi, we have been doing some alternate testing on Texas 3 this week, we think we will have something for you to test in the next couple of days.
I have added a Texas 3 beta server to test the NCsoft games in the latest update.
thank you
Texas 3 Beta is working for BnS
but its not compatible with Connection 2
normally conenctions 2 for BnS has most stable ms ingame and non ms spikes.
I dont know if you guys play BnS, but when I go to cross server dungeons (f8)
the ms always seems higher there with connection 1.
so maybe try have connect 2 work with texas 3 too please
so no connection 2 available for Texas 3 beta?
Connection 1 should work the same as Connection 2 for Cross server, so im not sure why it would be higher for you.

I will have a look to see if its possible to get connection 2 working for the beta.
ohh nooooo you are wrong.
in cross server dungeons my Ms goes 330 ms with connection 1
Outside cross-server I get about 220 ms
Texas 6 and 7 is beta also
they can use connecection 2 to login BnS
and the ping is the same outside AND inside cross server dungeon
much more stable BnS with connection 2

so why texas 3 beta cannot connection 2?

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