cannont connect to BnS NA
Do you mean with Texas 3 connection 1, or with Connection 2 also on other server?
my last post is for Texas 3 Beta connection 1 only available

I tried Texas 5 connection 1 and 2.
connection 1 got 280 ms in normal game, 330 ms in cross server
connection 2 got 280ms and 280ms in cross-server

best channel is still Texas 3 Beta.where the more skill I use. the ping lowers and makes my skills faster as I use it consecutively
Hi, we were able to build a custom version for you.

Unzip/Extract then replace this file with the one in your Battleping folder.

You will need to click the server dropdown and click on a different Texas server then click on Texas 3 beta again, just the first time after replacing the file or else "disconnected" will show.

You might want to make a copy of the normal file first, because with the new file Connection 2 for all servers except Texas 3 beta will be broken, and Connection 1 for Texas 3 Beta will also be broken for Blade and soul.

If you have a copy of both files you can swap them if u need to use Connection 2 for a different server.
oh my god... this is GREAT
absulotely love it ~ same ping inside and outside cross server much stable. no ping spikes upto 340ms in cross server,
very stable 200~230 range.

works wonderfully thank you guysvery much
oh no. something went wrong,,
it some hoe giving very high ping like 300~330ms spike.
it was fine at the start with 200 ms
its showing 235 ms for Texas 3 beta in Battleping and ingame im getting very high 330ms.

last night when first started
it was showing 159 in BP and ingame 200~220 ms
its not working with the custome launcher again today when I tried to play BnS
texas 3. connection 2
log in shows connection error
I have tried the normal launcher too with Texas 3 Beta, connection 1, to connect to BnS
its working BUT the ping spike is insane.
my skills are so slow. and it gies 388ms.
thats even worst than my normal ping without BP
Hi, I do see a network issue today, and the latency is also higher.

I have adjusted some settings to try and work around the issue, but this might still be some problems till the network issue is resolved.
special launcher with Texas 3 Beta, connection 2 not working.
tells me to ue connection 1

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