Ping in Aion
Hello BP team,
I've been using battleping servers for quite a while and recently I noticed that my in game ping in AION EU has increased. While I need to use BP to stabilize my ping, it's around 20ms~ more than it used to be, even though the bp server's ping shows the same number that it used to when I check its ping. Any solutions ?
Thank you
Germany 4,5,6,7,8,9 are the closest to Aion, you could test one of those.
These are all the servers I'm currently using. The thing is, even if it says for example Germany 5 "x" ping (same as before), the in game ping is higher.
Germany 5 averages less than 3ms to reach Gameforge.

You could test connection 1 again if you did swap to connection 2, as the last time you used connection 1 on Germany 5 was about 6 days ago.

I did notice a route change when you swap IP ranges, for example there is a difference in your IP starting in 46. and 91.
Its probably worth checking your IP then turning off your modem for a minute and then check if you get a new IP.
Will do. Thank you

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