Cannot Login

I'm having trouble loading Battleping.

I'm able load Battleping initially. But when I click 'login', things start to look like its loading but after many minutes of waiting it just won't proceed to the next screen.

I have to force close the program and have tried reloading many times with the same thing to happen each time.

I've also uninstalled the program, downloaded the latest version from here, reinstalled and still have the same issue.

I've used BP for many years but never had this happen. Any suggestions?
I don't think it is a login server issue, you would normally get "unable to contact the login server' in that case.

Have you tried restarting your computer, if not I suggest to do this first.

Try re-install Battleping to: C:\Battleping instead of the default location in Program files in case you or a program you installed modified the permissions.

If you are opening another program like Battleping that is set to boot up when you turn on your computer, try disabling it, then restart your computer and then try opening Battleping again, to check there was no conflict.

Did you install new security software like Antivirus just before it stopped working?
Thanks for replying,

I've just got home from work and everything seems to be working fine.

No idea what caused the issue, i certainly haven't installed any programs lately.

Thanks again

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