Path of Exile isn't working
I'm trying to play the Path of Exile with the battleping but it's not working. Someone having the issue with?

I'm running the battleping client, connecting to texas 2 and when open the game it's not detecting the PoE. I have tried the connection 1 and 2 but nothing help to solve this issue.
Possibly a custom setting change,

Could you try clicking Connection -> Advanced then click use Default Game setting.

After doing that setting that click Connect again, before you open the game.

Does it work for you?

I'm playing other games without problem (GW2, B&S...) but the Path of Exile isn't working with. If I change to connection 2 it's able to detect the game but lag too much being impossible to play.

Is that work only with Steam? If that is the case I'll download on steam.
Im fairly sure you have the right process if the connection 2 detects it, But you can double check in Task manager that the process name is the same.

It should normally be one of the following:

What is odd if connection 2 option detects but connection 1 does not, that is not normal behavior.

You could test the alternate driver under connection -> Driver.

If you have other application interacting with your Path of exile try closing them before opening Battleping with Path of Exile.
If you have another application like Battleping isntalled on your PC make sure it is closed first, if two applications try to do the same game one will fail.

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