Philippines to ESO(NA)
I am playing ESO from the IP address (DHCP). My best pings seem to come from West Coast 9 at about 160ms. I still get in-game pings of about 250ms. The WC9 server is often unreachable for some reason. WC 8 has pings of about 188ms and WC 11 about 195ms and are always reachable but
in-game pings vary at 270ms and up. Any suggestions or is this the best its going to get?

As an aside, BP improved my WoW pings so I am really frustrated.
ESO pings always have seemed to fluctuate up and down above the ping to their outer network.

You could try using a Texas server as there are no West-Coast ESO servers.

Are you still using Battleping for Wow?
There is a way to include or Exclude the USA/Oceanic region which can sometimes help depending on which server you connect to.

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