Temp Sydney 4 problems with WoW
Usually it has been working fine for me since the temp server was put it, but lately I have been getting huge lag spikes/disconnects while using Sydney 4 for World of Warcraft.
Not sure if its related but make sure you enter wowauonly and click use setting again, in connection Advanced, if you didnt re-do do it since last auto update, you will have big lag on Cross-Realm.

Otherwise Japan 1, Japan 7 or Sydney 1 might be an alternative.
Thanks for the reply, I redid wowauonly but i doubt its that since it was in raid with no one from outside au server.

I will try the servers you suggested, but last time i checked they were significantly less effective than sydney 4.
Tried Sydney 4 just now for three straight hours with no problems, I guess it fixed itself.

Thanks again for the help!

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