Determining True Ping
I am experimenting with this service to determine if it will be helpful in reducing / stabilizing my ping to the ffxiv NA servers over in CA from NY. Without the service I get an average of 90-140ms pings and they fluctuate pretty substantially and often. Its not so bad in town, but in raiding I can really feel it. (I am also spoiled, when the servers were in Canada I had a wopping 10-15 ping, I miss those days).

The problem I have is this, the in game ffxiv client doesn't offer concrete connection information. I was upgraded from "good" connection to "excellent" whatever that means via their standards.

Using windows resource monitor, and connecting via the Chicago servers windows reports a ping of low 20s, this is of course, impossible, and further testing reveals that what windows is reporting is my connection to the vpn service itself (makes sense), so if I change to texas, it reports 70, which is what battleping says my connection to their service is.

Using tracert to the game server while battleping is running does in fact show that the vpn is working, but I can't figure out how to determine my actual ping to the servers to see if the service is making any difference or not.

I will also add, just because I cant figure out whats causing it, occasionally my ffxiv reports my ping jumping from 20s to around 60 then back down, indicating that the ping instability still exists somewhere and is being reflected in my traffic even using battleping (could just be my isp, in which case theres nothing I can do, good ol spectrum).

Any advice would be appreciated!
We can't provide you with the information you are asking for, we only test to the FFXIV edge network/routers.

Your real ping in MMO's will include the server game network and server processing and response for your actions/ability's in the game.

You should probably be using a West-Coast LA or SJ server, The FFXIV severs are in California,
For FFXIV people have given feedback that connecting to a server near FFXIV network has given them the best experience.

Im not sure, but my guess as to "good" or "excellent" is your average ping level sitting within a set bracket for example a ping sitting between xx to xx would display this it based on the bracket your ping is sitting in.

If you can't feel any difference in a dungeon dodging/using ability's at all using West-Coast then you are probably better off just using your normal connection and not paying for a Subscription.

It's not unusual for occasional flotations in your ping, it happens to many many people with their internet connections. To many possibility to list, sharing your internet connection, wireless quality, your own modem/router, the physical line quality, local exchange connection or congestion, ISP issue or an issue on the route itself with a certain transit provider.

You can narrow it down a bit by testing many networks both in the State you live in and out, and seeing where the issue starts / and what they have common.
Most of the time there is nothing you can do about it.

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