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Is there a way to connect to one BP server say to oceanic and to another BP server say to the US? Any special code that can be entered into "advanced" ?

I observed that BP server 'x' gives me better latency to wow oceanic and BP server 'y' gives better to US, western and central, eastern side.

If there isn't one, can your devs think of implementing this into the BP client in future releases? What I'm talking about is something similar to wtfast's multi server connections.

Pls don't ask me to try using wowauonly nowowau wowusonly... etc... cos it wouldn't help based on my conditions I stated above. The situation is that server 'x' is better than my isp's, however server 'y' is better to the US. Hence I want the best of both worlds.

This of course is in lieu of the current circumstances affecting the link between Southeast asia and Australia.

On a side note, have users from SEA been ported over to start using the new Aus-SG cable already? I thought it was just constructed and hasn't been commissioned for usage yet? What about the old one? The SMW3? It's no longer in use to connect us to Aus?
We can't connect a single game to both USA and AU server at the same time in order to swap the connection when you phase into different instances.

We don't have connectivity over SMW3 or the new Aus-SG cable.
Because of a Fault on Smw-3 we started to use ASC but now ASC also has a fault at the moment.

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