How to use battleping, am I doning right way?
Hello I'm doning final fantasy 14 titan sever(Japnese sever)

What is correct way to use battleping on the game??

1.1 slect server and click the "connect" -> lunch the game

In this case,battle ping says "game detected"

1.2 lunch the game -> slect server and click the "connect"

In this case,battle ping dosn't says "game detected" just says "connect"

2. What happens if I change server while playing game?

I tried but nothing happened. If I want to change the server, should I do way "1.1"(the above-stated)???

In this game If ip changed, It supoosed to be happend game shoutdown. but nothing was happened If I change server while playing game This change won't be applied?

3. What happens if I close battleping while playing game?

I tried but nothing happend as well as case "2".
Even if I close battleping while playing game, is it still working vpn server on the game?

4. I can't see ping changed after using battle ping

But, I can "feel" ping changed. What should I do? If I want to check actual "In game ping"?

I tested ping -t
first not using vpn
first using battleping
ping was same

But I can "fell" ping chganed.(This is why I'm using this vpn)

P.s: I already chagend my firewall setting
1. Is correct, after clicking connect you can launch your game, Game-Detected means its working correctly,

To change Battleping server, after you select a different server you will need to click Connect, and then you will need to re-open your game for it to use the new server, if you don't re-open game it will stay connected with the original server.
And just like with 1. it will show "game detected" again.

With connection 1 you can close battleping and game will stay connected through Battleping server ( This only works with some games), as the network drivers have already loaded for the game and close when you exit the game.

For connection 2 closing Battleping it will disconnect game.

I don't think there is any in-game ping display for FFXIV so you can't check this.

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