Really poor connection stability last few days HK<->OCE WoW servers
I usually play wow on OCE server and the HK servers have offered great stability, typically 140-150ms with little to no jitter at all. The last few days all the HK servers (1, 2, 4) give me in game ping around 300-350 with what feels like slight packet loss.

It seems to be a problem exclusively with OCE server connectivity as connecting to US based servers using the same HK or US West servers results in a very smooth experience.

My temporary solution has been to connect to the Australian servers which results in 130-140 ping but ping spikes to 600+ any time I am matched with players on US servers due to the extra long routing.

Is there anything I can do do troubleshoot this?
I can have a look at the HK routing,
A temporary solution for you at the moment would be to not use battleping for US servers, by adding code under connection -> Advanced: wowauonly

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