Can't deactivate Battleping ID
Hey, I've been trying to use Battleping again but it initially told me that my username didn't match the ID. So I've been trying to deactivate it but I get hit with a simple "Connection to servers failed." Maybe I should've checked this out before buying a month's worth of time but how can I resolve this issue. I've tried reinstalling it to see if it would just let me start fresh but that didn't work as well.
Hi there may have been some issue to the activation server since a couple of users had issue, We have tested and made sure its working now, if you still have issue let us know.
I just checked right now and the problem is still persisting.
Try putting this file in your Battleping folder and opening it,
if that does not work also, it must be some network issue or a temporary routing issue, unless something like a firewall blocked it.

You could open the applicaiton once with a vpn to activate it, or email and we can give you access to a VPN that should bypass the connection to server issue.
Thank you for your help. I tried using my phone's WIFI hotspot to try to deactivate and it worked.
Thanks for your reply, Im unsure of the cause as the Activation/Deactivation server is online when we are testing.
I'm sorry you had the trouble today.

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