disable a specific game
Hello, I play 2 different games, but one of them I rather not to have my battleping to detect.

The games are Aion and League of Legends

Since sometimes I open both games, I wish battleping would not detect League of legends, because the server is already close to my home in southamerica and I use Texas servers for Aion. So it is becoming weird to keep logging on and off both BP and Aion.
Under connection -> Advanced, use code: nod2lol to disable Dota 2 / League of Legends under the custom game setting.
thankyou, it worked but I think it also is blocking the aion cash shop to open ingame. A msg pop up when I log saying that could not conect to aion shop, but it is not a big problem, I am satisfied thanks
I may need to update this for Aion, I will check on it and reply back in next couple of days.
We have updated the nod2lol setting, which should fix the shop issue. You must click the Use Default setting, then click the Use custom setting, so it will apply the latest changes.

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