Dota Underlords Support?
I know it's a pretty weird request to ask if there is a possible future support for a turn based game that doesn't suffer from latency issues much, but I got used to running Battleping whenever I play online games because naturally without BP I have a huge pocket loss.

And if there is somehow already a way to make BP client recognize the game I'd like a tip to the right direction.

Since I have seen some heavy packet loss before from your country in the past during Peak hours I have added it, but as an unofficial game.

It uses UDP connection, so you can only use the connection 1 option, if you are only able to use connection 2 it won't work for you.

You can enable it under connection advanced tab in the textbox add code: underlords

It can actually take a couple of minutes to load the game when using Battleping (black screen of game till it loads) particularly when choosing a server far away from your physical location.
It does not affect the game's connection through once it loads.
You are a life saver. Well, not literally, but you just made my day perpetually better Big Grin

Thanks a ton!

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