can i get ban using this for elsword+server question
As what my subject said Will i get ban using this? I doubt it but i thought id ask first just in case cause i have a lot of time $ spent on the game to have it all lost cause i wanna lag less using battleping lol. ty in advance! Also what west server is best for it? elsword/kog located in Irvine California.
My advise, I think you should not use Battleping
We have not had any reports of any bans for this game. However there are not many players using Battleping for Elsword.

The PVE you may get improved ping.
With PVP it was using Peer to Peer, when we tested, so connection happens between the Player, not the PVE server location.
So for PVP depending on your location and Battleping server and other Players location, your ping could be worse or better.

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