High with battle ping WOW
hi since pacht 8.2.5 i cant use battle ping it give me high ms in game can you fix that?Thank you!
Has your ping to Battleping server changed?
same problem in Classic - Arugal server used to get 130 now it's 180++ using SG8>SYD.
no same server please HELP! i got 200+ now and before 8.2.5 i got 85!!!I buy a 90 day...
Could you test another Battleping server blacklys, do you have same result?

blacklys if its only one Battleping server your having issue with let us know which one.

You might need to restart computer then re-install Battleping, as it might not be working or showing "game detected"
ZenMasterPing the latency has increased by around 40'ms on the SG8- link to AU, we are having a look into this.
For the moment I suggest using one of the other SG links.

We plan to make a change to drop it by around 30'ms in next couple of days.
Thanks for the reply Admin. I tried Different servers the best I can get is 180ms using Singapore 3.
ZenMasterPing the latency has returned to normal on SG8 link.
We are holding off making any changes to this route for now and will monitor it, as it could have been a temporary issue.

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