Degrading ping to China Server
Hi Battleping team,

I have been using BP for quite some times to play Moonlight Blade Online (China). It was great experience using BP Hong Kong 5 connection with consistent 100ms ping. But recently (starting Jan'2020) the ping keeps degrading until this certain point it shoot up to min.200ms-500ms and very frequent timeout. When I ping to BP Hong Kong it is 45ms only. I think the connection from the Hong Kong to China needs improvement. I am very disappointed to this. Please help to check.
Your connecting to China Unicom Shanghai.
HK 5 ping does look to vary alot during different times of the day while testing to this network.

I can only suggest to use another server for the moment, as we can't make changes to this.
Unfortunately we can't control the latency in China, and is the reason why we don't support any games there, I think we had to custom add this game for you.

Right now your best server options would be: ( when HK5 is unstable)

Malaysia 2
HK 1, 2 and 3

Your in-game ping would be higher than 100ms.

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