Unstable florida server ping
Hello, Im from south america, I mostly use Florida servers to play Tibia since they usually provides the lowest ping to me, specially server 4, but this is not happening anymore since a couple of days ago, during the whole day the ping goes up to 160-170. I could blame some issue towards my ISP but Im still getting lower pings to other servers, Texas 4 and 5 for example are usually giving me 110-120 ping but I dont like these since I get random lag spikes some times. With Florida 4 I always used to have 80-90 ping, this is why I dont want to simply change the server, I would like to find out what's possibly going on

Thank you
Yesterday I kept myself checking the ping to Florida, and Texas 3, 4, 5, today I have I compared them with the pings I got during this morning when internet traffic is always smoother than almost any other time. This morning Florida servers ping were bouncing around 120-140 more or less, Texas servers remained 110-120, the same as yesterday, at this moment (12:28) Florida gets again the same 160-170 pings, and Texas servers have still the same, they didnt change. I may conclude then that Florida servers are overcrowded during the whole day... am I wrong?
When testing Florida 4 to your ISP right now it is 71 MS at 4pm Brazil time, I will try at other time also to see if I can see a change happen.

Possibly a route change is happening at some time for ping to be 160-170
At this moment Florida 4 is showing me 76 ping, the lowest between any other server possible for me, and also the ping I missed some days ago as I said on my first post. Texas 3, 4 and 5 now got 150+ lol I don't understand this. Did you do something?

I'm from Venezuela btw
New update

After some minutes, Florida pings went up once again to 140-150 and Texas turned back to 115-140
Yeah Im seeing 134 from Florida to ISP, looks like routes are changing at different time of day or possibly a load balancer with multi routes, Im not sure yet.
So... what's the conclusion? Tongue
Can't reach your connection on that route I saw earlier from any of the networks we have available right now.

I would suggest trying a server toward New York for today and see how you feel in-game based on the networks you are connecting to Amazon and Cloudflare for Tibia.
What does Amazon and Cloudflare mean?

Anyway, I would like to be sure then if there's something that may be fixed from your side, or if I have to just pray this route to get the shorter way whenever it want to.
Cant answer that question atm as Im not sure yet, it might be possible to make a workaround connection over a different submarine cable to avoid the current one.

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