"Game detected" not displaying everytime
My PC is broken at this moment and I'm forced to use my old laptop to play some games (Tibia, most of the time), I have installed BP here but for some reason the "Game detected" message is not displaying (sometimes) after I connect to the BP server and then open the game client, only the "Connected" message is what I can see in my BP.

What I always try is to close BP and Tibia client together, and then try the process again and again until it finally shows the "Game detected" message, I don't get why is this happening, I believe there's something outdated in this laptop that affects BP workflow or something like that.
Does it work first time after you restart your Laptop?
Is it only having issue after you have closed Battleping application then re-open it later on to play Tibia again?
Seems like it detects the game without problems if I reboot my laptop first, if I ever close BP and try to reopen it the issue starts again.

Basically the answer for both question is: Yes
Hi, we think that it might be one of the process's are not closing like it should be.

If you have the issue occur on the laptop, Close Battleping then open your Task manager and look in the Process tab for Process with part of the name listed as, Network Tunnel, SS5 Engine and Battleping .

Depending on the Operating system it might all be shown in one Dropdown under the battleping name, or shown as separate a process in the list.

You can right click and select End task if one of them is still running after you shut down the application.

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