Need advise on Custom Setting
Hi Tech, Good day.

I need advise on Custom setting. I play WoW. My location is Malaysia and Play in Oceanic realm. Whenever I play with Cross realm players(US realm), I get bad lag.

Any custom setting code can reduce the lag?

Kindly Advise please.

If you are using an Australian Battleping server or Asia->Sydney link then the wowauonly is probably what you want, as connecting to Sydney before USA will increase your ping.

If your trying to use Battleping for both OCE/USA server then you would have to use a server closer to you like Singapore.

Here are the options with the custom setting:

wowauonly (use battleping connection for Wow Oceanic realm, normal ISP connection for USA Wow Realm)
nowowau (use battleping connection for Wow USA realm, normal ISP connection for Oceanic Wow Realm)

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