You may use any of our servers for Aion.
Just want to say a HUGE Thank you for the Aion server. I was having so many problems with lag and I found out you guys had a server for Aion and I don't rubber band hardly at all anymore and my Ping is 290 from 660. BIG BIG Thank you. Smile
Yeah another massive thank you from me also, had pings of around 700 up to 1000+ but has dropped down to between 250 - 350. Again thanks alot guys huge help Smile
With Aion. If you D/C and try to relog you will be locked out sometimes, It sucks. When you relog you will be instaintly be disconnected
point is it DOES keep track of the IP your playing on vs the IP you log into
DEW check that the connection window is still open if you DC before trying to relog.
OMG thnkssss <3 im at venezuela! ping from 400-600 to 100 omg!!!!
Australian Gamer: Thanks went from constant 600ms+ ping with spikes in the 000's to a solid <250ms ping.
Hmm i live in Vietnam and so lots of my Aion friends. Our pings were once good but getting worse lately.

Also, is there any way that we can have ping below 150? (some kind of config or any sever coming soon)?
ahm.. im playing aion.. adn from philipines.. last week i got 200-400 ms from 1k - 1.5k ping

but this week everytime i use battle ping.. it just makes my ping higher..

1k-3k ms


whats happening guys... any suggestion?
before open beta ended when aion moved it servers my ping increased a little but it was un notable. i was still getting a good ping around 300ms in game using east server. however as soon as i updated to 1.6 the ping increased around 50ms which still was playable but now the lowest ping i ever had is 360ms when there's no 1 online and for small periods of time.
at peak hours am getting nothing less than 600~800ms sometimes even more.
its becoming easier to play without the pingserver just to avoid the spikes.
i haven't changed anything in my sittings except updating the to 1.6 and 1.61 so what can i do to fix this ?

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