new version is useless
i have downloaded new version of BP and its not helping at all,the old version was good and i had no ping issues but since m using the new version my ping keeps spiking up and down which is annoying as [censored]
If old version worked best for you then select Connection 2, this is same as the previous version.
i tried it and its not helping,i am playing aion. Sad
Once you are on your Aion character do you see a game detected message displayed on the Battleping program.
I'm playing aion as well.

On connection 1, game is detected. However, even if I close battleping, aion remains connected. On connection 2, if I close the popup, it correctly shows that I am disconnected.

all is good but, if i am member cause y paid BP. why apears a messege that say i am in evalation???? whats going on?
Hi bloodymanhell123 that is the way the connection is supposed to work. Game detected means both connection 1 and 2 are working. You can only do dc test on the close popup window.

tulkascl, you will be evaluation mode for 7 days then login box will apear, all users have 7 day evaluation access at first. (its same as member).

+1 new version is USELESS.

Please give us back the version 6.6
I haven't had an issue with BattlePing in game, but the forced usage* of the browser option is ridiculous, leading to several crashes in Google Chrome.

*If I am playing a game through BattlePing, I have to open browsers through the program, if I open a browser without it, the connection is not found.
That is unusuall Knude we have not had any reports of this during the beta testing.

You should not be using the Browser option when you are connected with Game connection.

Can you try closing ALL browser windows and closing Battleping program also then open Battleping again and only click Game connection. After this try opening some browsers, are you able to use them now?

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